An Even BIGGER Squeeze 🥭

More mango in the mango pale ale you say?!

Well, hold on to your boots. We’ve only gone and doubled the amount of mango used, yes DOUBLED, specifically more juice to pack that extra fruity punch. The mark2 version of Big Squeeze is fantastic on the nose with a bouquet of tropical and stone fruit, paired with a reduced bitterness this sessionable pale ale is sure to freshen your palette.

I asked our very own beer development guru Gary to talk me through the changes and what they mean to the finished product, here’s what I found out…To achieve the reduced bitterness I mentioned earlier, we used a fraction less of our favourite hops, Mosaic BBC, both in the whirlpool and dry hopping, this helped us to create the super smooth and silky finish we know you all yearn for.

Next on the process list is upping the oat content in the grist, this means there is no compromise on the mouthfeel of this beer either, keeping it thick and rich. Replicating that sunshine in a glass feel, usually only made well down deep in the Congo if you catch my drift.

To seal the deal as our final step we increased the mash temperature to finish the beer at a higher final gravity, to you and me, that means the beer will come out thicker and sweeter – sounds great, right.
All we need now is that big, beautiful ball in the sky to make an appearance, some patio furniture, and the smell of sausages on the barby and we’re all set for optimum enjoyment. 😎🌞
Available for purchase now on our web-shop, in single cans and six packs.
Cheers, Team Vocation.