In 2015 Vocation Brewery was born with one member of staff, a rebuilt chicken shed, and a dog for company.

From humble beginnings, that little brewery on the top of a windy hill has grown to brew over 10 million pints a year sold to 40 countries.

We’ve got there because of the passion and dedication of the 100+ people who work here. After all, a brewery is just another factory making a product - it’s our people and their passion that makes this our Vocation.

Through all this rapid growth we’ve doggedly stuck to some key principles:

  • We brew all our beers to the highest standards – never compromising to hit targets. For example, Life & Death is still made to the same recipe it was when we brewed the first small batch in 2015.

  • We’re not pretentious, elitist, or smug. We want to share our beer with as many people as we can and think great beer should be accessible to all, regardless of where they choose to shop or socialise. We are very proud to have been at the forefront of bringing bold, modern beers to UK supermarkets.

  • We believe that continuous innovation is at the heart of what makes modern brewing so exciting. We could make our lives easier by just brewing a static core range of beers, but instead we constantly try new things – typically releasing an average of one new beer ever week.

  • We don’t brew undrinkable novelty beers, to chase PR headlines. For all that we want beers to push boundaries, we never forget that they need to taste great - not just be a marketing exercise.

  • We’re not limited by beer style. Our best-selling beer is a classic IPA, but we brew everything from barrel-aged stouts, to crisp lagers. The only rule is that each beer should be a great example of its style.

  • We believe that we don’t have to be small to care about our craft. The bigger we’ve grown, the more we’ve been able to invest in quality and creativity across the whole business. We’re not stopping now.