Two New Beers and a Cute Coffee Relationship

This week we released two new beers for 2024, and you may have recognised one from previous years.

Triple Chocolate Truffle is our latest rendition of Naughty & Nice, our core range chocolate stout, but this time it came with a welcome twist. This is the first version that has been brewed without lactose. We altered the recipe slightly to include a much larger volume of oats to ensure it had the full, creamy body you want from a chocolate stout, as well as altering our brewing method to account for the loss of sweetness from the lactose. The result is still that sweet and rich, full-bodied Naughty & Nice you know and love but one that can be enjoyed by even more drinkers! As with all our Versions brews, this is a special brew and won’t affect how we brew the original Naughty & Nice, so don’t worry lactose lovers!

Next up and bursting back into the webshop for the 3rd time is Imperial Affogato, a personal favourite of the brewers. This one gets minor tweaks each time to make perfection even more perfect and has been released an additional two times from our barrel ageing program. Each brew of this delectably decadent stout wouldn’t have been possible without the use of coffee beans from our good friends at Antonia & Panesar.

We recently enjoyed a sit down with Harinder and Antonia at their café in Halifax, Coffee Domination, and spoke about all the different releases they’ve been instrumental in. Each of our coffee stouts has used one of their signature blends to create a distinct and unique coffee flavour, which then dictates how we brew the beer to compliment these flavours. They’ve been supplying their beans to us since our Imperial Frappe collaboration beer with Amundsen Brewery in 2020 and have been essential for at least 7 different beers since then, including collaboration brews with Brew York, Pomona Island, Kirkstall, and Moersleutel.  

Their 666-signature blend is the blend that features in the Imperial Affogato, and is available on their website for a perfect morning version of the stout (not that you can’t drink an imperial stout in the morning, you’re an adult with free will after all). They also have a wide range of coffee available, from beans, to ground, from coffee bags to coffee pods. Right now, Antonia & Panesar are offering an exclusive discount for our customers, which will grant you 10% off your first order.

Use code VOCATION10 at checkout on their website!

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