This is the second release of Union is Strength, a beer first brewed last year to support Overgate Hospice, a local charity that is very close to our hearts.

Overgate Hospice has been helping people in our community for many years and now, more than ever, needs our support. We are delighted to have been able to support such a worthwhile local charity for a second year running.
To support Overgate's invaluable work, we will be donating 40p directly to Overgate for every can sold. This donation will go towards supporting their amazing work.

This year, Jasmine, our Graphic Designer created a poignant design for Union is Strength inspired by a Sanskrit Panchatantra story.
"I think it's really prevalent now more than ever for us to find strength in unity, the importance of this inspired the design for our newest Overgate collaboration. I researched symbolism for unity and strength and came across a really poweful Sanskrit Panchatantra story. In this story a flock of doves are trapped in netting by a huntsman who intends on bringing them harm, the only way for them to be free is to work together, each dove grabs a piece of netting in their beak and by working together they free themselves from harm. I think the symbolism of doves and the story that unifies them is quite easy to resonate with considering everything we have going on in the world at the moment. I felt this needed to be captured in the design of the beer. Overgate is a charity really close to our hearts and we want to work together with our customers to help their crucial work continue. Our message is clear, by working with one another we can find strength to help those in need."

Union is Strength is a hoppy and hazy pale ale with fruity bursts of Citra and Strata that amalgamate into a beautifully soft mouthfeel. Sitting at 5.0% this Pale is a deliciously sessionable sipper. 

With Overgate being so close to the brewery we are committed to supporting them through the year and would encourage everyone to do the same for their amazing team. Becki from Overgate comments, "Vocation Brewery have been so committed to supporting the Hospice, by donating their products to us, sponsorship of our Big Pub Quiz campaign and the creation of our very own Overgate Beer to raise vital funds. We are delighted that Vocation Brewery are going to re-launch the Overgate beer again this year and cannot thank them enough for their support! By making this delicious beer for us our supporters are able to buy and enjoy something while supporting us at the same time. Thank you so much for making a difference to local people at their time of need."


We would like to thank everyone that works at Overgate for their efforts and thank you all for buying the beer and helping us support such a vital charity.

Together we are stronger!
Buy your can and help us support Overgate hospice.