Lervig Barrel Aged Collaboration | Stavanger

Collaborations are one of our favourite things to do at the brewery, and after just over a year being deprived of them, we decided enough was enough and COVID wasn't going to stop us from collaborating with brewing greats from around the world. This was all back in January when the world felt like a very different place, and the mere thought of being back out in the pub or a crowd felt like it was years away.

For a long time, we have admired LERVIG for their outstanding beers and immense brewing style. Hailing from Stavanger in Norway, LERVIG are renowned for their massive Barrel Aged beers, mixed fermentation sours and delicious pale ales.
In March we set about working together virtually on a Barrel Aged recipe for a barrel aged beer that we could release seperately after ageing for different lengths of time. A virtual collaboration is far from what we wanted when we started dreaming up these new beers, but the world had other ideas.

Gary, the head honcho of our Barrel Aged Programme, and Matt, our Brewing Director, worked with Mike from LERVIG to create a recipe worthy of ageing. Enter, Stavanger, our 9.5% Belgian Stout collaboration. 

Once the recipe was decided, Gary brewed the beer in March with Belgian Yeast and used traditional Belgian malts, European hops, and some Candi sugar before splitting the beer to age in different barrels.

Stavanger was aged for 6 months in Bourbon barrels. From the barrels the beer has picked up subtle notes of vanilla and coconut. This Barrel Aged beer is smooth, rounded and warming with a fruity spicing flavour on the end. 

This is first of two beers to be released with our pals at LERVIG... Keep your eyes peeled for future releases.
You can get cans of Stavanger from our webshop now and find it pouring in our taprooms in Hebden Bridge, Leeds, and Manchester from tomorrow.