Barrel Aged Imperial Red Wine Stout

One of the first beers we brewed in January 2021 is finally ready and is the third release for 2022 from our Barrel Ageing Project.

Brewed with 6 varieties of malt and a mixed culture of yeasts, this brew was initially fermented on our house yeast before finally being racked into French red wine barrels for a secondary fermentation, where it rested quietly for 12 months.


This 13% Imperial Stout is complex and mature, lightly tannic and vinous. With notes of berries and dark chocolate, with a drying, almost bitter finish, the rich red wine flavours from the barrels really shine through. This Imperial is full-bodied and smooth, like a luxurious red wine.


It holds the very essence of what barrel aged beers should be, with delicious layers of flavour that leave you wanting more. Best enjoyed when perfectly paired with an open fire and some blue cheese.

We've only produced 650 bottles of this beer so it is extremely limited edition. Grab one for now and one for later so you can enjoy the full range of flavours in this epically decadent stout.