OUR FIRST WET HOP BEERS...and a double release!

On November 23rd we had a very special delivery courtesy of Yakima Chief Hops... Fresh Simcoe Wet Hops. 

Fresh or Wet Hops beers are often brewed in the UK around harvest time. These hops differ from normal hops as they are not dried, therefore they need to be used very quickly before they start to degrade. The resultant beers are a celebration of the harvests in the hop fields. UK brewers have never been able to get hold of fresh hops from United States. As US hops are a staple of Vocation, we wanted to get our hands on some and this year YCH have been able to provide us with this rarest of delights. In celebration of the cool wave of new Fresh Hop beers hitting the European scene we have brewed two new beers that showcase exciting aromas and flavours signature to the Fresh Hops grown in the Pacific Northwest.


The process of getting these hops to brewery involves freezing the hops directly at the farm after picking. After they have been frozen, they are then stored at sub-zero temperatures before being delivered to the brewery. On delivery date they are added straight to the brew to ensure the freshest of hops flavour and aroma

We've decided to showcase the mighty Simcoe in two different brews: a Hazy DDH Pale and a Hoppy Lager. Both at 5.0%.

Timeloop is a crisp and refreshing lager with delicious flavours of grapefruit, stone fruits and passionfruit.
Timewarp holds similarly bold hop flavours and a mind-bending haze. 

Both frozen in time, these beers are classic flavours you won't believe you haven't tried them before. 

Buy this pair on the webshop now and embrace the full-on flavours of Simcoe.