Not all farms have fields…

We’ve had a sneaky peek at some new kit that’s taking shape for us, and it’s got us all very excited.


It’s our new tank farm, being made for us by ‘wizards of the welding torch’ SSV Ltd. 

We’ve been short of fermentation capacity for a while here, so these can’t come soon enough.  We’ve got 13 tanks arriving in total – 9 fermenters and 4 holding tanks to feed the canning line.

For the first time, we’re having all the pipework and access gantries fully assembled off site. This should mean the installation will be quick and will cut down disruption on the brewery site. Perhaps SSV’s last experience of installing outside tanks on top of a 300m Pennine hill in crap weather encouraged this different approach?!

There’s a lot of stainless steel there.  Crucially, it’s enough to brew an extra five million cans a year. That should keep us going for a while.