New Zealand DIPA | Aoraki

When you think of New Zealand hops the immediate hops that spring to mind are Nelson Sauvin, Mouteuka and Vic Secret. With this brew we wanted to shine a light on to some of New Zealand's lesser used hops here in the UK and this brand-new release, Aoraki, is all about hops.

Brewed to showcase 4 epic New Zealand hops, Wakatu, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and Rakau. Teamed together these four hops have created a hazy, juicy and fruity beer with tropical, fresh flavours, which are rounded off with a soft bitterness on the finish. Each hop was added at various stages throughout the brew make this a DIPA to be reckoned with.

The two hops you are probably more familiar with in this brew are Nelson Sauvin and Motueka. Quintessentially New Zealand, these hops have a global reputation for big punchy flavours. Motueka is light and citrussy with flavours and aromas of lemon and lime, whilst Nelson Sauvin is punchy and bold, with flavours and aromas of gooseberry and white grape.

So what about the new hops...Wakatu is a clean hop, perfect for brewing pale ales, IPA's and DIPA's. It provides beautiful layers of floral and vanilla flavours. Wakatu is a dual purpose hop - meaning it is also excellent to use as a bittering hop, which is exactly what we wanted to provide the soft finish on Aoraki.

Rakau is a standout hop with full on punchy flavour.It is intensely aromatic with dominant flavours of fresh stone fruit, such as apricot.


From Aoraki you can expect a whole celebration of flavours and aromas. Beautifully balanced and ripe for the taking. Crack open a can and celebrate the success at the peak of your day.