More beer means more casks!

One of the great things about cask beer is it's sustainability. Unlike bottles or cans, casks can be reused almost indefinitely. There are breweries using casks that are decades old and still going strong - just needing a little TLC once in a while. 

Earlier this year we were saddened to hear of the demise of Great Heck Brewery.  Although brewing is a competitive industry, we still see other independent breweries as comrades fighting for a common cause, so to hear of one closing is never nice.

After the closure of Great Heck we were able to buy their cask fleet.  So rather than them ending up on a scrap heap, we can now put them to use delivering cask beer once again.

But these new-to-us casks still needed work to get them back to their best. We've been working with DHM Brewery Services who have undertaken the mammoth task of restoring and rebranding over 400 casks. 

Jason and Frank came to our warehouse yard and set up shop from the back of their van with equipment to remove the old branding, clean up the casks, add a new plate on top with our details and then the cask banding. We think they look pretty natty!

So get ready for a lot more Vocation cask beer out there. Grab a pint at your local!