Meet the Team | Nicky

Meet Nicky! Nicky is one of our Packaging team leaders, running a team through packing cans, keg and cask. She's been with us for 3 and a half years now but she first started out as a packaging operative and has since worked her way up to  being a team leader.
I had a chat with Nicky to catch up about her role and time so far at the brewery.
"My role involves a fair few things, my main jobs are setting up of the CFT (canning machine) ready for production and maintenance of it too. I also make sure that our other machines, like the GPI, date coder, X-ray and labeller are ready and working. I also check the beer in the tanks before each run and run TPO can checks frequently throughout the day. Got to make sure we are only canning the best 😁 I also make sure that everything that leaves our packaging departments is of the highest quality! 
I got to working at Vocation, literally by pure luck! Previously I’ve worked in the catering industry, I’ve never done anything of this nature before. I’ve had a great mentor within the company that has helped me and pushed me to move up the Vocation ladder. 
I discovered Vocation when a friend told me about a job vacancy in their packaging department, I started part time, just a few days a week to a full time team leader within 12 months! I still have to pinch myself with how far I’ve come!
My favourite Vocation beers are any of our sours, they are just the best! I love our lagers too, especially Hebden lager."
You'll often find Nicky in her local supping a pint or enjoying a takeaway with her family. 
She's a star in the packaging team and a bit of a team mum!