MASH GANG COLLAB // Permanent Vacation | 1.0% Pale Ale


Before you say, ‘low alcohol, no thanks...’ hear us out, because this beer is a CRACKER. 

No, it isn't unfermented wort, nah, we don't boil off the alcohol from a higher abv beer. Permanent Vacation, our low alcohol collaboration with Mash Gang is brewed using a standard brewing kit, with cutting edge brewing techniques and high-quality ingredients. No shortcuts, just brilliant beer at a lower ABV. 

Mash Gang are the new kids on the block and the masters of low and no ABV craft beers, ranging from anywhere between 0.0% to 2.7%. They are a phantom brewery and take up residence In Gipsy Hill, Allendale and Northern Monk to brew their core range, small batch and pilot brews.
When they’re not at one of these breweries they are out on the road collaborating and spreading the No/Low ABV love.

The ABV’s of craft beer are constantly rising and breweries are working to increase their ABV’s in stouts and big hitting TIPA’s… but what about the other end of the scale with beers sub 3.0%?

This collaboration with Mash Gang was brewed back in January and has been sitting in tank conditioning since then. Believe it or not, it takes longer to brew a low ABV beer than a high ABV beer. It takes about a week longer to ensure fermentation has finished, any undesirable flavours have been cleaned up by the yeast and so the flavour of the hops really shine through.

Brewed with a winning combination of HBC586, Talus, El Dorado Incognito and Simcoe Cryo, this beer is full of flavour. Notes of tropical fruits like grapefruit and mango are complimented by hints of coconut.  

This light and refreshing beer will transport you to the beach with its heavy dose of summer citrus fruits and its crisp, clean finish, which is much needed for many of us at this time of year!