Looking for Summer - Raspberry, Passion Fruit & Vanilla Pale Ale

Sit back in that deck chair, slide on your shades and crack open a cold one. This is Looking for Summer, a passion fruit, raspberry and vanilla pale ale, the best beer to hydrate with. 

We added Raspberry and passion fruit for the fruity element and lactose to provide the sweet vanilla flavours. Raspberry for the flavour aroma and colour and passion fruit for the flavour and aroma.

Hopped with Sabro, Simcoe and Galaxy, this pale ale pours a fizzy pale red with aromas of vanilla, coconut and fresh zesty berries. Erupting with flavours of tropical summers and transporting you from your sofa to sunshine with just one sip. 

This beer is perfect for a summer’s day, or just pretending it's one...


Grab your cans and kick back.
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