Double Sherbet incoming...

You know that feeling you get in the back of your mouth when you eat super sour sweets?..Well, we've liquidised it. Introducing Double Sherbet, our new 7% Sour IPA. This is the sourest beer we’ve made to date (The pH was lower than 3.0!) Invigoratingly sour with a crisp bite, this Sour IPA is not for the faint hearted.

We used Simcoe, Citra BBC and a heap of Lemon Drop in this brew. We haven't brewed with Lemon Drop in the brewery for a long time; the fresh citrus and lemon aromas from this hop were fantastic, the brewery has never smelt so good! 

We then used a base of malt, oats and wheat to provide a nice mouthfeel for this beer. Before co-fermenting with lactobacillus and a Kviek yeast. The lactobacillus along with the lemon juice provide the sharpness in this beer.

Expect a soft lemon rind aroma, along with tropical citrus from the US hops. Then take a sip and prepare for a super sour hit, followed by citrus flavours and a nice long lemony finish.