Hop Showcase Series

At the start of the year we set about creating a series of beers that would showcase different hops and the complex flavours they each bring to beers.
Putting flavour centre stage, our Hop Showcase series celebrates the distinctive taste of each of our favourite hops. These single-hopped beers will be released in pairs throughout the year so you can compare, contrast and crown your winner. 

Each release will be a different style of beer. The style of beer will be selected to best suit the hop so its distinctive flavour can shine.

For the first release we chose to add each hop to a NEIPA for its soft, pillowy mouthfeel and low bitterness levels to really accentuate the flavour of the hop. The first hops we chose to showcase are two of our favourites, and most regularly used in the brewery, Simcoe and Citra.
Simcoe is known for its citrus and pine notes. With a rustic, woody feel and subtle hints of berry, apricot and passionfruit this much loved hop deserved to be first in the line up.

Second up, Citra, a punchy new-wave hop. Since its release in 2008 it's taken the beer world by storm, making a welcome appearance in countless legendary beers. Zesty, citrus flavours paired with tropical notes of mango, lychee and passionfruit balance this beer out perfectly. 

Did you get your hands on the first release? Which was your winner?

The first release of our Hop Showcase Series is now sold out, but the second release is coming soon.
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