It's been six years since the birth of Life & Death, our flagship classic IPA.

Still brewed to the original recipe and always brewed on site at our Cragg Vale brewery, our classic IPA is now available around the world and has become a staple of the craft beer scene.

Life & Death is still brewed by our dedicated brew team with mountains of Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops. If you've been living under a rock and haven't tried Life & Death, you're missing out. With a deadly amount of fruit-forward flavour and a smooth malty base, this is a beer you need in your fridge. 

This is the beer that got us going and shot us into big time brewing. Life & Death was the first of our beers to go into a supermarket. It was a controversial move at the time, but we're proud of its success, and we're proud that you can now go to supermarkets and grab a few cans of Life & Death for such a great price, without any compromise, recipe shortcuts or anything to affect the quality of the beer. 

It's a lesser-known fact, that it was actually the supermarkets the approached us and wanted Life & Death on their shelves - it wasn’t a move that we’d planned or pushed for.  Who would have thought then that it would now be surrounded by beers from incredible beers from breweries around the UK and the world? The bar has been raised in the past few years with new styles, higher ABV's and more beers from more and more breweries, yet Life & Death still remains and stands firm.

We now package Life & Death into can and keg. From time to time we fill casks with it too — but the past year has prevented that — damn Covid! 

We send it across the UK and around the world, as far afield as Russia, Australia, China and many countries across Europe. To keep up with demand we're currently brewing Life & Death 12 times a week, producing around 48,000 litres per week.

This is Life & Death’s sixth year of production, and it’s got plenty of life in it!


'Til Death do us part.