Evolution of Vocation

The eagle eyed among you have already noticed some of our newly redesigned cans out in the wild. So I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a bit about our thinking behind the new look and what we’re trying to achieve.

Most importantly, the beer isn’t changing at all.  For example the recipe for Life & Death is practically identical to the way I first brewed it 5 years ago - it’s made in vastly bigger batches, but the recipe has remained the same throughout. In fact, I think that’s what Vocation does best – making beer that stands up to the finest the world has to offer, but at a scale that makes it accessible to everyone.

So if the beers haven’t changed, why have we changed the cans?

We enjoy the process of being creative and we want to stay on top of our game, even if it sometimes means moving on from the comfort of a known-good option.  In short, we love our old designs, but we don’t like standing still and felt we could do better.


We felt our range was starting to get quite messy – the specials didn’t tie in very well with the core range, we were running out of unique colours for the core range, and the core range beers were starting to look a bit samey.

So the new designs tie the range together, honour each core beer with a personality of its own, and gives us enough flexibility to be able to keep innovating and introducing new beers for years to come. 

We’ve also made the core Vocation logo bigger and bolder.  We’re proud of who we are, what our name means to us, so we want to make sure that people notice it.

We’re really proud of our new look, and we hope you enjoy discovering the new designs as much as we enjoyed creating them.