Cask Exclusive - English Hopped Pale Ale 4%



The humble English grown and English farmed hop is often overlooked and wrongly underestimated in our industry. Shunned for its American, Australian and New Zealand cousins which are used more often and are much more popular with the recent surge of hype and hop charged IPAs, pale ales, TIPAs and DIPAs.

We joined forces with Charles Faram to celebrate the English hop and throw it back into the spotlight, as it deserves. Charles Faram are hop suppliers based in The Malvern Hills, they bring hops from around the world into the UK. They’ve been operating for over 150 years, making them one of the oldest hop merchants around. These guys are the real connoisseurs of flavour, quality and cultivation. 

There are currently five stand out hops English hops that are used commonly around the world. You’ve probably heard of most of these varieties - Fuggles, Goulding’s, Progress, First Gold and Challenger. 

In the ever changing and fast paced world of hops, there isn’t time to stand still. We’re always striving to brew with new experimental hops that push the boundaries of flavour and challenge our brew team to get creative. Charles Faram are always working on experimental hops, two new hops to come from their Hop Development Programme are Opus and Oliciana

These hops are packed with floral, citrus, orange, mango, grapefruit and passion fruit notes with intense flavours & aromas that make a pale ale really shine.

We’ve brewed a UK Hopped Pale Ale to bring out the best of these new experimental hops. We decided to brew a beer that would be best served in cask - as most traditional English beers as served. Cask ale really shows a different flavour profile to hops, you capture every flavour of the hops without the carbonation and then as the pint warms slightly after serving. 

This 4% pale ale is a celebration of flavours created by the English hop. This is a beer best enjoyed at the pub, in a pint. 

So much goes in to making your favourite pints of cask ale, from growing and cultivating hops, to transportation, brewing, packaging and then cellar preparation. We’ve brewed this beer to recognise and celebrate the humble English hop and the taste sensations it creates. Without the passion, hard graft and dedication from Charles Faram the English hop world would be very different.

So here’s to the English hop, and long may it reign!


The UK Hopped Pale Ale is now pouring at all three of our taprooms - Vocation & Co. Hebden Bridge, Leeds and Manchester. 

Head to the pub and get yourself a pint.



Illustration by Leanne Parkin