After a long awaited return the Barrel Aged Series is back with a brand-new release. May I introduce you to Imperial Banana, 11.4% of dark decadent delicious stout.


Aged in ex-Rum barrels, this beer is a blend of 12-month aged, 6-month aged, and fresh beer. Strong flavours of banana and dark chocolate submerge the senses and draw you in to the deep and intense aroma. We used ex-rum barrels to age the beer to promote the banana aromas and give the beer layers of complex flavour. As well as ageing in ex-rum barrels, we also mash a portion of this beer at 45c to promote the production of Ferulic acid to help with the production of banana flavours. We also try to increase the amount of readily available glucose so that our yeast will produce these type aromas and flavours much more easily and rapidly. We only use 4 types of malt in this beer, as we want a lot of the flavour to come from the fermentation and ageing.


Our ever-growing barrel store at the brewery has made it possible for us to produce Barrel Aged beer in larger quantities to keep it as a staple in our range for around 6 months. Producing Imperial Banana to a consistent high quality for such a long period is a real labour of love for the brew team. It's a commitment - but when the beer is this good, it's totally worth it. 


Imperial Banana is pouring at all three of our taprooms and available in 440ml can on our webshop now.