Two beers from our Barrel Ageing Programme have reached their prime and awoken from their 7-month slumber.

Two French Oak Chardonnay barrels and two French Pinot Noir barrels were filled 7 months ago with beers that would rest to create a 7.5% Sour Blonde Ale and 7.8% Blackberry & Plum Sour. 

The journey from raw ingredients to bottle is a long one, and a real labour of love. The beers start out their life as a simple malt grist with wheat and oats. From there the beers took separate paths to be flavoured and soured.

Sour Blonde was soured with lactobacillus cultures and fermented with our house yeast. Apricot pomace was added to French oak Chardonnay barrels and filled with the base beer. Over the course of 7 months the interaction between yeast, lactobacillus and the fruit has created a more complex beer with sweetness from the fruit, sourness and an incredible Chardonnay character.

The Blackberry & Plum Sour was also fermented with our house yeast but with an infusion of blackberry and plum pomace and soured with lactobacillus. 7 months in French Pinot Noir barrels and the result is a beer that pours a deep purple with both sweet and tartness from the fruit, sourness from the lactobacillus and more than a hint of grape and tannin from the wine there before.

Start your sour journey with the Apricot Blonde and enjoy the Blackberry & Plum Sour after.  

As always, I'd recommend buying one for now and one for later to really taste the full spectrum of flavours in these delicious sours. 

These beers are very limited so grab your bottles while stock lasts.