DOUBLE RELEASE | All Saints & All Souls


As Halloween draws to a close and Day of The Dead and All Souls Day approach, many Mexican families come together to celebrate. Friends and family pile into the streets for festivities and celebrations, with bright colours, beautiful clothing and painted faces.

We're joining the celebrations with a double release and a brand-new IPA, brewed with all Neomexicanus hops, and a Chocolate & Chilli Stout, with Mexican Mulato and Arbol chillies. 

The 1st November is All Saints Day.
We've brewed All Saints, a 6.5% IPA using all Neomexicanus hops, El Dorado, Zappa, Sabro and HBC472.

Neomexicanus hops are the newest variety of hops to hit the brewing world. Originating from the mountains of New Mexico, these hops are pure and bring a wide array of flavours and aromas to their beers.When drinking All Saints, try to  identify each hops flavour profile.

El Dorado is quite a widely used hop in the industry after being developed in 2010. Although this hop is bursting with juicy pineapple and tropical notes, El Dorado has a dual-personality and makes for an effective and efficient bittering hop, ideal for an IPA like All Saints!

Zappa, named after Frank Zappa, in collaboration with the Zappa family, is as counterculture as the musician himself. Singled out by Tom Nielsen of Sierra Nevada and brought to production by Eric Desmarais of CLS Farms. Tom described it as having "a unique spiciness, coupled with full-on mango, backed by a sharp citrus, delightful savory, and strong deciduous pine" characteristics, and says that he still finds himself adding descriptors. 

Sabro is a bit like marmite as a hop, but we absolutely love it. Known for its coconut flavours and tropical fruit aromas, Sabro brings a real kick of juicy flavour to any beer its part of. 

HBC472 is a new hop on the brewing scene developed by Yakima Chief and John I Haas. This experimental hop is a cross pollination and leaves aromas described as "oak, bourbon barrels, coconut, vanilla, citrus, and sweet fruit."

The combination of these four delicious hops has produced a juicy, hazy and fruity IPA full to the brim of feel-good flavours. 


Once you've enjoyed All Saints, take a step into the dark side and crack open a can of All Souls. Dive into a celebration of flavours in this rich, smooth and spicy Imperial Stout. The classic combination of dark chocolate and chilli have been given a new lease of life with this 10% Stout.

Let me tell you, adding such a mountain of chillies to the kettle was a real labour of love. The combination of Mulato and Arbol chillies gives this stout a subtle kick and balances the bitterness of the dark chocolate perfectly. 
Rich, smooth and spicy, this stout is one to sip and savour as you enjoy the complex layers of flavour that come to life as the beer warms. 


This double release is available now on our webshop and both beers will be pouring in our taprooms from tomorrow. 
Start with All Saints and finish on All Souls for a real celebration of flavours.