ABDUCTION | New Stout release

Surrender yourself to this uplifting raspberry and plum Imperial Stout. Dark, rich and sweet, the flavours in this brew are out of this world. Brewed with natural fruits and a simple malt base, this bold plum and raspberry stout beautifully blends sweet, malty flavours. 

We brewed Abduction with chocolate malt and musocavdo sugars, but deliberately used less roast malts than we normally would in order to let the raspberry and plum shine through. We also fermented the beer further than we normally do with a pastry stout to really allow the fruit flavours to shine. 



We want this beer to be available to as many people as possible, and that meant not putting all the beer into just can and keg. Cask is often neglected when it comes to Special Releases, as a lot of styles of beer just simply do not lend themselves to being served in cask due to things like Oat and Wheat content or a high ABV. Being Northern, and loving a good pint of cask beer, this just doesn't sit right with us. So, we're doubling down on our commitment to cask and making a few changes with our Special Releases going forward. 

So we're releasing Abduction in 440ml Can, Keg and Cask. We've altered the ABV to suit the format - for Keg and Can Abduction is 11%, and in Cask the ABV has been dialled back to 5.5%.

Fresh, fruity and delicious, Abduction made it's way through our canning machine on Monday - this is one Unidentified Flying Beverage that you'll want to watch out for!