A GIANT collab - Verdant x Vocation


We love cask beer.

It’s an integral part of our brewery, from both a brewing and a drinking point of view. Some of our favourite beers are classic cask ales and you just can’t beat walking into a pub and getting a fresh pint of a British cask ale.

But in the ever changing and fast paced world of craft beer, there isn’t time to stand still and we wanted to take cask beer to the next level and join forces with one of our favourite breweries, Verdant.

Verdant are absolute masters of super hop-forward, super juicy, bold beers. As soon as you start to talk about Verdant and their beers you can imagine that gorgeous hazy beer and its bright yellow, lightbulb-in-a-glass appearance.


Collaborating with Verdant on a cask exclusive meant only one thing…SUPER HOPPY CASK BEER!

Fruit Bat Ninja is exactly that and combines the head-smashing hoppiness of a refreshing IPA with the classic smoothness and full-bodied mouthfeel of a good cask pale ale.

This mightily hoppy beer contains 4 hop varieties – the most we’ve ever added to a cask beer.

A hefty addition of Cascade, Citra, Chinook and Columbus dials up the juicy, citrus flavours that are finished with a pine tinge and an assertive bitterness.

Prepare your tastebuds for a refreshing hop experience like no other… just look at the colour of it!


This release is a cask exclusive and will be pouring at our three taprooms: Vocation & Co. Hebden Bridge, Vocation & Co. Leeds and Vocation & Co. Manchester.

It will also be pouring at all Verdant taps: Verdant Brewery & Taproom, The Experiment, The Seafood Bar and The Sink Inn.


Head to your local and try grab a pint of Fruit Bat Ninja.