A familiar face is here to stay...

We've got some nice news to share… 

After the amazing feedback we've had for our special-edition stouts over the last year we thought it was about time we introduced one into our core range.

Until now, it’s been an annual favourite that we countdown to every year.  You’ve guessed it... Naughty & Nice our deliciously dark and decadent chocolate stout is here to stay.

Jet black in colour with a malty chocolate aroma, this chocolate stout is warming and smooth, perfect for drinking while kicking back in your favourite armchair.

The recipe for Naughty & Nice remains exactly the same as always except that we have dialled back the ABV to 5.9% now that it’s going to be with us year-round. Reducing the ABV increases the drinkability – it’s still a hefty beer, but just that bit more quaffable.

An extra bonus of having this lower ABV is that it’ll be brilliant in cask once the pubs reopen. Imagine that... one or two perfectly served pints of Naughty & Nice in your favourite local on a Sunday to warm your cockles after that brisk walk. There’s something to look forward to! 

& To top it all off? We'll be bringing back special editions of Naughty & Nice for that perfect Christmas treat we all know and love. No one is going to miss out here. 

Naughty & Nice is available now on our web shop and is here to stay!

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