6 month round up of our Special Release Series

That's the first 6 of our Special Release Series out into the world! The first six beers have been wildly different styles all dreamt up by the brew team. In case you've missed them, here's what you've been missing...
In January we kicked off the series with Seeing Dubbel, a rich and decadent Plum & Vanilla Belgian Dubbel. This is the first Dubbel we have ever brewed and it threw a few curve balls our way. Fermented on fresh plums and aged with Madagascan vanilla, Seeing Dubbel had notes of rich caramel and burnt sugar with plum and a teasing hint of vanilla.
Hot on the heels of Seeing Dubbel, February's release, Tough Nut, was brewed with Goldings, Fuggles and Keyworth Mid hops. We wanted to brew a British classic packed full of earthy English hops, our twist on an Imperial Nut Brown Ale at 9%. Smooth, rich and rounded the second in our Special Release Series doesn't pull any punches.
Following the first 2 releases and such different styles of beer, the brew team wanted to brew a beer that would propel us into Summer. We double downed on flavour and brewed Double Take, a double dry-hopped IPA, brewed with orange, Amarillo and Azacca hops. The summer tipple we wanted with light notes of orange and some of our favourite hops.
Number 4 in the Special Release Series took us back to hop monster beers and brewing! With mountains of Galaxy, Simcoe and Columbus hops this was a dank and resinous DIPA with flavours of peaches and citrus. Two Face, was a 8.5% hop-bomb with bite!
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Our fifth special release was a totally new style of beer for the brew team to tackle, a Japanese Rice Lager, Ricing Sun at 6.5%. Brewed with rice and yuzu for a clean, crisp and refreshing body. It has a unique taste and heavier, creamy body than you would expect from a typical lager.
There are a few cans left on the website >>>
June's special release is Summer Saze, an elderflower and honey saison at 7%. Clean, dry and delicately refreshing with a sweet undertone, Summer Saze has been brewed with Hallertau Blanc and Strisselspalt hops to enhance the floral and fruity aromas.
With a taste that’s sweet like summer this uncomplicated saison is perfect for easy drinking.
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The fist six brews in the Special Release series were developed to challenge the brew team and find new styles of beer we enjoyed brewing exclusively for independents. Working with Robot food design, who are based in Leeds, we created 6 bold designs that perfectly showcase the Special Release Series and what they stand for...bold beers in new styles that we love and are proud to put our name to.
Stay tuned for the next 6 beers in the Special Release Series which will be released each month.