Life & Death | 6.5% IPA 330ml

Life & Death | 6.5% IPA 330ml

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Three kilos of hops and 40 kilos of barley selflessly give their lives to make every barrel of our punchy bestseller. It’s a lot to ask. But their new life as this hop-forward US style IPA makes their sacrifice worthwhile.


Surrender yourself to fruit-forward flavours with a dash of sharp citrus. Followed by a lingering bitterness set against a smooth, malty base.


Style: IPA
ABV: 6.5%
Size: 330ml can
Malt: Extra Pale, Caramalt, Jumbo Oats, Wheatmalt
Hops: Citra BBC, Mosaic BBC
Allergens: Malted Barley
Dietary Information: Suitable for vegans