The making of Imperial Banoffee

It's time for dessert.

Our latest deeply indulgent Imperial Stout infused with banana and caramel, has just landed. 

It's a stunning beer, and just happens to have been brewed by our newest addition to the brew team, Georgia. She's been with us for 4 months after previously brewing at Farm Yard Ales over the border in Lancashire.   

It's Georgia's job to see beers through from start to finish. Brewing both core range and special releases, she is also responsible for yeast management and cellar management, which involves jobs like dry-hopping (which at this time of year means getting regularly soaked on the outdoor walkways!).

To brew the Imperial Banoffee, Georgia deliberately used less yeast than normal - this stresses the yeast and encourages the production of iso-amyl acetate during fermentation.  Why would she do this?  Well iso-amyl acetate just happens to be the same compound that sweet manufacturers use to make banana flavoured sweets!   

The Imperial Banoffee was brewed using six malts and sugars to promote the caramel flavour. It was then double mashed, and boiled for around 6 hours to produce a sweet, viscous wort for the yeast to ferment.

The end result us a luxurious, dark and decadent taste sensation with a sweet, moreish finish.  Well done Georgia!

Available now in 440ml cans. But hurry, there's only a limited amount available!