The Devil's Leap

A few weeks ago we released our first ever traditional Bitter. This may come as a surprise to some given our usual brews. But, lockdown gave us a lot of time to reflect on the things we missed the most about the pub, and in the brewery we all agreed that a pint of cask bitter can truly be a glorious thing. We think it’s a shame that many modern, progressive breweries don’t produce Bitter anymore, so we want to do our bit to help keep that tradition alive.

So we came up with Devil's Leap, a 4.3% Bitter. It’s unashamedly traditional, brewed with 100% English hops and served in cask. Cool but not cold. With a sparkler. The way god intended. We hope it’ll become an instant classic. 

It's one hell of a bitter built on a local legend about the Devil and God...
The legend goes that God once challenged the Devil to jump from Stoodley Pike to the Great Rock. If he succeeded then he could have the souls of the little town in the valley. Naturally, he failed - but only just. His hoof landed on the rock - which is also known as Devil's Rock - but slipped, and he lost the bet. You can still see the imprint of his hoof on top of the rock, and the crack it made as it slipped down the front of the rock.

The only way to enjoy this is down the pub, so get your flat caps on and find a cosy corner for a pint or two.