Strong Currants | 7.5% Fruited Sour

This is a sour as you've never seen before. Juicy, big, bold blackcurrant fruit flavours cut through the plum producing punchy flavours and a tart finish. At 7.5% this Fruited Sour hides its strength behind the smooth body and ripe flavours.

To make sure we reached the perfect juiciness for the beer we relied on the expertise of Changmin, our newest brewer. Changmin joined our team about 4 months ago. Previously he was head brewer at Wild Wave Brewing based in South Korea. Wild Wave recently won awards for Best Brewery and Best Sour Brewery in South Korea.

Strong Currants was brewed by first brewing a base beer, which was raised to boil. Normally at this point we would add hops to the brew, but with this brew we did not as they inhibit the bacteria which we use to sour the beer. 

At this point we cast the beer into the fermenter at around 38degrees, the perfect temperature for the bacteria. Before adding the bacteria, we added an absolute shed load Blackcurrant and Plum.
We use a bacteria strain called Lactobacillus Plantarum, this sours the beer and leaves a clean sourness and fruity aroma. The beer is soured by the lactobacillus producing lactic acids. Once the PH hits the right level we cool the beer to around 20degrees then add the yeast which slowly ferments out. 

The end result is a bright purple/red liquid with strong aromas of blackcurrants and a sharp taste.
Awash with fruity flavours, this is the perfect beer for a hot day in the sun.