Spectrum Eclipse - A World Exclusive

Working with our hop-supplier Barth Haas X, we’re proud to bring you a world exclusive.

Earlier this year we were the first European brewery to brew with Eclipse hops – an amazing new Australian hop variety.  We’re now going one further and are releasing the world’s first beer brewed with Spectrum Eclipse, a hop-product so new not even the Aussies have used it yet!

So what’s the difference between Eclipse and Spectrum Eclipse? 
Spectrum is a revolutionary new liquid hop product that delivers full dry-hop characteristics without the associated dry, leafy matter that normally comes as part of the deal. 

It’s 100% hops and 100% natural, and we’re fascinated to see how this new technology feeds into the flavour of the beer.

The launch of Spectrum coincided with Project X, a project Matt (our head brewer) has been working on with Barth Haas to develop new methods of hopping and working with experimental hops.  By working so closely with Barth Haas they get to benefit from our practical brewing experience, while we get our hand on new experimental hops and world exclusives. It’s a win-win!

Spectrum Eclipse is hoppy with a smooth bitterness. On the nose you can smell the delicious Eclipse hops and notes of sweet mandarin, citrus peel and fresh pine needles. We then finished the beer with Galaxy for added complexity and full hop flavours. 

Soon to be pouring at all three of our taprooms and available now in 440ml cans.