Meet The Team | Ollie

Those of you have been to one of our bars or met us at the beer festival will know Ollie. The man behind the scenes of all three of our bars, Ollie oversees the running of all three sites and is always on the look out for new venues to open a Vocation & Co. site. 
I've personally known Ollie for about 11 years, we met at the time both working at local bars, then making the most of it and going out every weekend, a friendship formed on the most solid of bases. 
When it comes to beer Ollie knows his stuff. Present him with any super jooooose IPA and he's in his element. 
To make the most of the sunny weather we met at Vocation & Co. Hebden for a pint for a chat and catch up so you can all get to know him a bit better.

Q. So, Ollie! First things first....what is your job at Vocation?
A. I'm the Area Manager for all Vocation bars / hype boi / chief taster of things / chief sweeper upper.
On a day to day my role is super varied. But mainly involves overseeing and ensuring the smooth running of all things VOCO! Making sure all our bars are serving not only an amazing range of our beers but beers from some of the best breweries out there. Assisting all our amazing staff to make sure everyone's working to their best and feeling fulfilled. Oh, and buying beer, did I mention buying beer?

Q. How long have you been at Vocation? 
A. I hit the 4 year mark in March, but I was kind of around from the start! In my previous role as Bar Manager Old Gate, I actually hosted the Vocation Launch party! Then I started in March 2017 assisting with sales and marketing at the brewery before overseeing the launch of Vocation & Co. our first bar in Hebden Bridge. This led to me to take on a similar role for our Leeds site, Vocation & Co. Leeds within Assembly underground. After the success of Assembly Underground I once again worked with Pop City on the design and build of Society. MCR and our bar within the the site Vocation & Co. Manchester.

Q. What's your favourite Vocation beer?
A. (With absolutely no hesitation) Bread and Butter...CASK

Q. And your favourite beer from any brewery?​
A. Far, far to difficult to narrow down to a single beer or style but give me a big Joose IPA or a bottle of Lambic and I'm a happy man!

Q. Favourite pub/bar to go to in the UK...
A. ​Totally depends on the mood, can't go wrong with a classic pint in a pub like Whitelocks or North Bar in Leeds, always North for super-bowl night, or somewhere a bit more hype focussed like Brownhill and Co.
Best worldwide is easy, Other Half Tap room NY!

Q. And what's your favourite thing about your job? 
A. My staff! wouldn't be the same without all my amazing teams... oh and buying beer, did I mention buying beer?

Next time you see Ollie about buy him a pint and have a chat about all things Vocation and bribe him for information about the new bars. These days you'll probably catch him at our brand-new bar in Manchester. 
Pop over and see his and his new teams latest offerings!

Cheers Ollie! Here's to many more pints!