Meet The Team | Hannah

Hannah is a pocket rocket of fun and blasted in to the Vocation team with a massive smile and bags of energy. Having joined us in April as our new Shift Brewer she is now being trained on the fermentation side of brewing.
I spent some time with Hannah getting to know her and more about her role in the team.  

She started by explaining to me what her day-to-day jobs are at the brewery. "My days really vary – sometimes it’s laboratory based work such as yeast counts and attenuation tests, but I also do more manual work like dry-hopping and carbon dioxide rousing. It’s all about making sure the beer that comes out of Vocation is of the highest quality. I particularly enjoy purging yeast from the fermentation tanks - yeast from the first dark beer I purged reminded me of the chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!" laughs Hannah. She continues, "My role involves plenty of critical thinking as each brew has a number of moving parts that influence the process - I am enjoying the challenge."
"I previously volunteered at Pastore Brewing and Blending in Cambridgeshire. This was with a view to accruing skills and knowledge that would help my fulfil my dream vocation of brewing as a profession. At this time, I was involved mostly on the mashing side of the brewing process so the comprehensive training I have been receiving in fermentation at Vocation has been incredibly enlightening."
After a lot of chat about what Hannah does day-to-day and a few jobs at the outside tanks, we start talking more about life outside of work. "In my spare time, I enjoy reading, at the moment I have a huge backlog of brewing books to consume but I also love fiction. Also, with varying degrees of success I have been trying to teach myself Russian. I also love a good walk, ideally with a pub along the way.  Coming from flat Cambridgeshire means I have had to adjust to hills!
Inevitably conversation turned to beer and Hannah explained how she found Vocation, "My dad and step-mum live in West Yorkshire so introduced me to the beers of Vocation. At the moment, I have really been enjoying the hazy styles - my favourite so far is Perfect Storm.  I am looking forward to more 'research' in this regard!!"
And with that said, we cracked a can on the picnic bench and made the most of the glorious weather we're having.