Lower Altitude - The Pursuit of Perfection project.

One of the best characteristics of the Craft beer industry is the ever-changing range of beers in the market and constant ability of breweries to innovate and brew new beers. It's what sets the industry apart from the large macro breweries churning out the same beer day in, day out. We are very much a part of this innovative and ever moving sea of beers having released 78 specials in 2021. Our plan for 2022 is not that dissimilar in the sense we will be releasing a similar number of specials however we are also embarking on a new project. We have called this project ‘pursuit of perfection’. Initially this was always going to be an internal name for the project however as we have developed the idea it makes more sense to share this with you to help explain what we are doing. 

Pursuit of perfection is about exactly that; striving to improve a new beer with each iteration to the unattainable height of perfect! One of styles chosen for the project was the humble table beer. Trying to pack the same punch into a 3% beer as you would find in a 5% beer is always going to be a challenge and therefore, we have afforded ourselves the opportunity to make changes with each iteration so whilst the label will look the same the beer will be subtly different. It maybe a tweak of the ABV, the mash temperature, time in tank, yeast, or hop profile but it will be slightly different. 

The second iteration of the table beer, Lower Altitude has been brewed this time at 2.8%, we have increased the body and tweaked the malt profile to give a little more body and colour despite the drop in ABV. Its not perfect but its one step closer!

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