Hop Showcase Series - Release 2

The second release of our Hop Showcase Series has almost arrived, and this time it's a little different. 

This time around we've brewed with two brand new experimental hops, courtesy of the almighty Yakima Chief and their venture with Barth Haas, the Hop Breeding Company (HBC.) HBC have created some of the hops you know and love that are now used across the world by thousands of brewers. This includes Mosaic, Citra, Ekuanot, Loral and new emerging varieties Sabro and Pahto. 

Experimental hops are cross-pollinations created to make new hop varieties. The process of creating these hops is complex and very time consuming, taking between 5-6 years with less than 1% making it to the HBC advanced selection. Where they are closely inspected and scrutinised for their flavours and aroma before even being considered for use in brewing. 

The two new beers in our Hop Showcase Series used two of these experimental hop varieties, HBC586 and HBC692. 

HBC 586 is an aroma hop for whirlpool and dry hopping additions. It features intense notes of tropical fruit, mango, guava and citrus.

HBC 692 is an aroma hop for whirlpool and dry hopping additions as well, delivering a high intensity of hop aroma well suited for IPAs and hop-forward beers. HBC 692 exhibits grapefruit, floral, stone fruit, woody, cream, pine, and resinous notes. 
Since we brewed the second release with HBC692 this hop has been commercially released and formally named Talus. 

Both of these beers have been double dry-hopped to dial up the flavour and add an extra dimension to your classic hazy pale ale. 

We hopped these beers at 16 grams per litre spread across several additions so they’re packed with hop character. Expect a double dose of juiciness, complete with an amplified aroma and crisp, fresh finish. 

Big thanks again to Yakima Chief Hops for hooking us up with this plethora of outstanding hops and another amazing collaboration.

These won't be around for long, so don't miss your chance to get hold of a can or two.