Heart & Soul Fridge Packs

When we first started producing x4 can Fridge packs it was a bit of a mammoth task. Over one Easter Bank Holiday weekend we pulled together a team and it was all hands-on deck. And when I say 'all hands-on deck' I really mean it...the team consisted of Rachael, our Logistics and Distribution manager, myself (Katie), I'm the Marketing & Events Manager, Stuart our Sales Development manager and Rick, the MD. We worked alongside the usual packaging team who were running the canning line at the speed of light, so keeping up with them was a challenge! 

We've come a long way since that weekend and have since had a brand-new state of the art canning line installed with an in-line labeller and a carton erector that does a lot of the work for us. It builds the boxes, glues them together, pushes the cans in then seals the box and pushes out full boxes, ready to be packed onto trays by our team. The new carton erector produces 51 x4 packs a minute, so there's no rest for the person on the end of the line. We now produce 4 packs of Pride & Joy, Life & Death, Divide & Conquer and Heart & Soul. 

At the start of February, we added Heart & Soul, our gluten free Session IPA to our x4 Pack range with Luke being the lucky guy on the end of the production line packing 51 Fridge packs into trays every minute.

Heart & Soul is our first Gluten Free beer and selling these as 4 packs is something we've wanted to do for a long time. Great beer should be available for all! 
To make our beer gluten free, we had to add a specific enzyme that breaks down gluten. This enzyme, Clarex, is added at the start of fermentation. It breaks down the specific gluten protein that causes allergic reactions or adverse health effects. Clarex allows us to easily create gluten-free beers using gluten-containing malt with no impact on taste or quality. We test our products regularly over the year to ensure that our beer remains gluten free. This is done by an external lab based in Mytholmroyd, we like to keep it local! 

We're working on more recipes for Gluten Free beer so watch this space! Until then make some space in the fridge and grab a 4 pack of Heart & Soul from your local Tesco or head to our webshop for single cans and multipack cases!