Hazy Lazy River

Roll on down the river with this easy pale ale, brewed using London Fog Yeast for a hazy, hoppy cruise complete with a velvety finish.

Weve changed up our usual routine for Hazy Lazy River and used London Fog yeast instead of our usual house strain of Vermont yeast. We wanted to mix up the flavour profile for this brand-new pale ale and try something different. London Fog is the perfect yeast for brewing New England styles and Hazy pales. It works in conjunction with the malts, (particularly the oats and wheat), resulting in that pillowy mouthfeel a NEPA is known for, and contributes soft, sweet, juicy esters to aid in the accentuation of the hop profile. Its a big hitter and adds the extra edge to this pale

We combined two of our favourite hops, Mosaic and Galaxy, for full on flavours of juicy citrus, peach and passionfruit flavours, and an aroma of ripe stone fruits, rounded off with a hint of pine.

Juicy, fruity and full of characterhop aboard and go with the flow.