Meet the Team | Edina

I sat down with Edina, one of the new brewers for a beer and a natter to find out about what she does in the brewery and generally have a laugh. Edina is a colourful, fun, energetic and highly skilled member of our brew team, always happy to stick on a Hawaiian shirt in a seconds notice for photos and train up new staff. Edina's our girl! 

Over to Edina...

"Edina. Main ingredients: malty body, hoppy soul, and yeasty heart.

I am a brewer currently working on the cold side of production. My main responsibility is running the centrifuge to ensure all our beers are free of hop solids and residual yeast, and to carbonate beer up to make it nice and crispy like Bread & Butter. I also need to make sure dissolved oxygen is low during processes and all beer meets our specification prior to packaging. I'm responsible for the CIP (cleaning-in-place) of our tanks, pipes and equipment to ensure all our products reach you not just fresh and tasty but also free from any microbial contamination. 

Prior to working at Vocation, I studied Brewing and Distilling in Budapest. I have always been obsessed with this little creature, called yeast. So right after uni, I worked as a microbiologist for Dreher Breweries, the biggest industrial brewery in Hungary, for 4 years. This is where I learnt the basics of yeast and fermentation management, and I also got introduced into the sensory analysation of beer for quality control, that is really close to my heart.

I then got the amazing opportunity to work for BrewDog as a microbiologist, and a brewer to extend my knowledge in craft beer and brewing for 3 years. 

In my most recent position, before joining Vocation, I was brewing and managing quality at Magic Rock for 1.5 years.
Now here I am at Vocation and I am excited to expand my knowledge and to grow with the company.

In my free time I like cooking, baking and just being active. I also love music, would sell my soul for reggae and northern soul.

Obviously, I've known about Vocation for a while, who doesn't? My friend sent me the job ad as I wanted to get more experience in the production and engineering side of brewing. 

I think my favourite beer Bread and Butter on cask. I am really thankful for the World for Cask Ales. Although there is stiff competition with Life & Death for the favourite place."