DOUBLE DROP | Sunset Overdrive & Passion Star

It's Wednesday night...and it's Happy Hour! We're treating you to two brand-new beers that have just landed on our webshop in 440ml cans. 

Our two new cocktail inspired Pastry Sours are here to add some flare to your midweek tipple with a kick of fruity flavours and an invigorating sweet and sour snap. These are the first pastry sours we have brewed, this style contains huge amounts of fruit which is soured and fermented in tank. A process know as co-fermentation. Lactose is used to provide sweetness, this is added in the brewhouse.


First up on the menu is Passion Star. Zesty, sweet and fruity, this 5% Passionfruit Sour boasts a refreshing mix of fruity flavours with notes of passionfruit, raspberry and vanilla. Brewed with 3 different hops, each selected for their intense hop profiles to give each beer layer upon layer of flavour and produce more tropical flavours. We added passionfruit at the beginning of fermentation, we also added lactose to provide the vanilla profile.

Once you've sipped and savoured your Passion Star it's time to crack open that can of Sunset Overdrive and stick on a song about Piña Colada's... and get caught in the rain (you see what I did there.)

This beer is a vibrant mix of flavours and aromas, a real treat for the senses! This beer has bold notes of pineapple, coconut and tangerine. The Sabro hop we used to brew produce coconut flavours, and the Idaho7 produces pineapple. We added a hell of a lot of pineapple at the beginning of the fermentation, so the Idaho7 really ramps up the pineapple deliciousness!
Sunset Overdrive is 8% of fruity punchy flavours! Sure to kick off your night in style. 

Grab yourself a few cans and picture yourself in Cocktail, or a swanky night out. It's Happy Hour and the round just got better!

Cans on our webshop now and pouring at all three of our taprooms from tomorrow night.