Big Squeeze | First Special Release of 2022

We're kicking off 2022 with a beer that truly smacks. Make way for waves of Mango and Mosaic in this juicy, tropical, and sweet, Mango Pale Ale. Coming in at a sessionable 4.0%, Big Squeeze, is a beck and call to those sunny days where all you want is a citrus, floral and slightly bitter beer to freshen your palette.

We used over half a tonne of mango in the brew to amplify the super juicy flavours. We exclusively used Mosaic in this brew for the bold and lingering flavours of mango and citrus, and aromas of tropical and stone fruit, produced by the hop. Mosaic also leaves behind a smooth, piney bitterness, balancing the full-on fruit flavours.

The first new release of 2022 and just the ticket to see off those January blues.