Barrel Aged Imperial Honeycomb


It's been a while since we announced a Barrel Aged Series release.
Great beer takes time, and Imperial Honeycomb is worth the wait.

We brewed the base beer six months ago, building the voluptuous body by using a blend of chocolate, roast and crystal malts, along with speciality sugars to provide deep layers of flavour. We extended the boil of this brew to concentrate the wort therefore increasing the available sugars for our house yeast to convert to alcohol and also create new layers of flavour and sweetness.

After fermentation, Imperial Honeycomb was rested in fresh Bourbon barrels for six months.  As it matured it picked up flavours of sweet vanilla and subtle coconut, and it developed in depth and complexity. 

We then added sweet honeycomb and chocolate, flavours that work perfectly with this boozy and deliciously sweet beer.

Imperial Honeycomb is liquidised velvet with super sweet honeycomb flavours and a strong chocolate aroma.

We've brewed a very small batch of Imperial Honeycomb, so don't wait around for this Special Release, it will be gone before you know it. 

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