Barrel Aged Imperial Affogato


Forget saving the best till last, this Barrel Aged Coffee & Vanilla Stout deserves centre stage.

Brewed and initially released last January in 440ml cans at 10.7%, we've upped the ante on this release and barrel aged for 12 months. From the first brew we held back a small amount and filled 2 ex bourbon barrels. Gary specifically chose bourbon casks to accentuate the vanilla in the beer which he added before ageing.

The original batch was matured on Antonia & Panesar coffee beans at 10g/L before release last year. For this batch, he added more of the same espresso blend at the end of the barrel ageing at 12g/L.... So prepare to have your tastebuds blown with rich, indulgent and refined, flavours, just like the traditional Italian dessert itself.

With multiple layers of complexity and depth of flavour this barrel aged stout has picked up notes of Bourbon that balance the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the vanilla to create a tantalisingly moreish and unforgettably decadent stout.

We've only produced 550 bottles of this beer so it is extremely limited edition. Grab one for now and one for later so you can enjoy the full range of flavours in this epic stout.