Assembled With Care | Brand-new Simcoe DIPA

All hail the mighty Simcoe hop! Master of big tropical flavours, and one of our personal favourites to brew with. To brew this brand-new Simcoe DIPA, we used Simcoe T90 and Simcoe Cryo Hops from our friends at Yakima Chief Hops. 
We’ve found this year’s Simcoe to exhibit big tropical flavours and less piney notes, making it the perfect hop to showcase in a DIPA. 

Hoppy, thick and citrussy, this beer is a perfect combination of ingredients that have been carefully assembled to balance notes of berry, apricot, passionfruit and citrus fruits. 

We want this beer to be available to as many people as possible, and that meant not putting all the beer into just can and keg. Cask is often neglected when it comes to Special Releases, as a lot of styles of beer just simply do not lend themselves to being served in cask due to things like Oat and Wheat content or a high ABV. Being Northern, and loving a good pint of cask beer, this just doesn't sit right with us. So, we're doubling down on our commitment to cask and making a few changes with our Special Releases going forward. 


We're always striving for innovation and releasing new and interesting beers, to do that we're releasing Assembled With Care in 440ml Can, Keg and Cask. We've altered the ABV to suit - for Keg and Can Assembled with Care is 8.5%, and in Cask the ABV has been dialled back to 4.5%. 

We changed the recipe for Assembled With Care across cask and keg/can as we wanted to showcase the hop in a big DIPA and also in a cask beer. Therefore, the quantities of Simcoe used in each format differs, but is still 100% Simcoe. This is the first time we’ve brewed a special in all formats where we’ve altered the ABV dependent on the container it is packaged into. 

Cask is a massive part of our packaging here at the brewery and we're proud to have so much cask beer out in pubs and restaurants locally. We're committed to cask and making sure we have more Special Releases available for all. 

So, head out and find a pint or grab a can. 
Assembled With Care is available in 440ml cans on our webshop now and will be pouring in cask and keg in our taprooms from tomorrow.