15 Mile Round Trip

Back in September, Tesco mixed things up in their craft beer aisle, and launched a range of outstanding beers out into the craft beer universe. 
We’re proud to sit on the shelves of Tesco alongside some of the UK's finest breweries, who are producing some outrageously delicious beers. 

For this release we were particularly excited as we had the honour of brewing the first beer released by Sureshot Brewing Company. 
If you’ve not yet heard of Sureshot, be assured you’ll want to follow them closely from now on. Sureshot is a new venture from the brewing legend, and all round good guy, James Campbell. 
James is a master of the art of brewing. Formerly the head-brewer at Marble Brewery, he then went on to co-found and be head brewer at Cloudwater.  
Having left Cloudwater in 2018, he has since been working for SSV Limited as a brewing consultant, working with some of the finest brewers around the world. During that time, has been planning Sureshot.

James has been friends with our head brewer Matt Howgate for years, both being Marble Brewery alumni, so when he heard about James' new venture we knew we wanted to support and brew alongside him.
We are thrilled to have collaborated with James on the first beer to be released by Sureshot and can't wait to see what other beers he knocks out!



Now onto the beer!
15 Mile Round Trip is an 8% DIPA brewed with Citra BBC, Mosaic BBC and Galaxy. It is a juicy and hop fuelled number, geared up with notes of mango and grapefruit finished with a soft bitterness. 
Cheers to Dom and Jack at Tesco, and of course James for having us brew his first release from Sureshot.

Now get on the road and travel those 15 Miles, it's worth it.
15 Mile Round Trip is now available in Tesco and is available to buy direct from our webshop here! 

Find out more about Sureshot Brewing Company here.