Introduction to Vocation - 24PK (Mixed)
Introduction to Vocation - 24PK (Mixed)

Introduction to Vocation - 24PK (Mixed)


Find your Vocation with our Introduction to Vocation collection. Showcasing our signature style and beers we love the most, this collection covers a wide range of flavours and brewing styles.

From our core collection to some more recent additions this case shows the best of Vocation.

  • 3 x Bead & Butter | Dry-Hopped Pale 3.9% (440ml can)
  • 3 x Pure Pilsner | Craft Lager 4.5% (330ml can)
  • 3 x Heart & Soul Session IPA 4.4% (330ml can)
  • 3 x Yakima Pilsner Craft Lager 5.5.% (330ml can)
  • 3 x Pride & Joy | Pale 5.3% (330ml can)
  • 3 x Life & Death IPA 6.5% (330ml can)
  • 3 x Breakfast Club V1 | Waffle & Bluberry Stout 6.9% (440ml can)
  • 3 x Love & Hate New England IPA 7.2% (440ml can)

*From time to time beers may be out of stock, when this happens we will swap a beer with one at least of equal value.


Dietary information: Vegan. All of beers in this range are vegan. 
For individual product allergens please see individual product pages.