Vegan Vocation

August 27, 2019

Vegan Vocation

We're excited to say that most Vocation beers are now Vegan!!! (except for a few exceptions that include lactose or honey.)

Since we installed a centrifuge in November 2018, we have been working on making our beers vegan. The centrifuge (as used by a lot of biggish craft brewers) gives us much better control of the clarity without knackering the flavour, like filtering does. It lets us control the clarity of our beer without filtering and using products such as isinglass.

Removing isinglass from production has been a long process that we didn't want to announce until we were 100% happy. We've introduced new processes and trialled different finings for the past few months, and we're now really happy with the results.

Any beers out in the wild produced after 01.06.19 are vegan. We have updated the information on our website for each individual beer, so you can now search our site to see which beers are vegan friendly.

A full list of beers in our range that are vegan can also be found here. This list applies to these beers in cask, keg and can from 01.06.19 onward.

Black & White Yes
Bread & Butter Yes
Breakfast Club Yes
Cooler Shaker No (contains lactose) 
DDH Citra & Centennial No 
Dirty Pilsner Yes
Double Take Yes
Hang Loose  Yes
Heart & Soul Yes
Life & Death Yes
Love & Hate Yes
Medjuica Yes
North by Northeast Yes
Perfect Storm Yes
Pool Party Yes
Pride & Joy Yes
Pure Pilsner Yes
Ricing Sun Yes
Seeing Dubbel No
Solar Wind Yes
Strange Coincidence Yes
Summer Saze No (contains honey)
Tough Nut No
Twisted Sour Yes
Two Face Yes
Yakima Pilsner Yes
Sibling Rivalry Yes

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