Pilsner Launch

Pilsner Launch

When we first started planning our range of Pilsners we were really intimidated - the clean, crisp taste of a great Pilsner leaves no room for error.  Any brewing flaws are immediately apparent - there's nowhere to hide.  

All are brewed on site in the brewery, use 100% pilsner malt, a house Bavarian yeast strain, and are lagered for at least a month to give an authentic taste.

Our initial lineup consists of three version: Pure, Yakima and Dirty.

Pure is our straight-up Pilsner.  Clean, crisp, refreshing and true to style.  

Yakima uses a similar base recipe, but brewed to a higher gravity (5.5%) and then dry hopped with hops from the USA's Yakima Valley.  We think it's a great crossover beer - the clean taste of a Pilsner, with a beautiful fruit finish from some of our favourite hops.

Dirty Pilsner is where the Pilsner range starts to become more like our regular beers.  Brewed to 6.5%, then massively dry hopped and left unfiltered.  

We're really proud of this new range, and would love to know what you think.


The Vocation Team.