Meet The Team | Leanne

It's that time of the day, we've clocked off for the day and come to sit in the pub. Bliss. 
It's a common occurrence for Leanne and I to end up at the pub, we'd known each other for a few years pre-Vocation, so working together now is a dream and something we're used to.

Leanne has done a lot of various things in the brewery from creating beer labels, creating new box designs, looking after the website, organising online orders, answering all of your emails and phone calls and spreading joy with her amazing laughter! Not a girl to ever say no to a beer, Leanne is exactly the sort of friend you need to have in your life.

Both of us have a pint in hand so it's down to the hard hitting questions so you can get to know the Queen of our webshop, customer service and warehouse team...Leanne.

So Leanne, first things first, what is your job title? ​
My official title is E-commerce Coordinator. Organiser of stuff and creator of beautiful things. 

And how long have you been at Vocation? ​
I started at the first bar Vocation & Co. Hebden Bridge from opening in June 2017. But ​I guess it started in The Old Gate, Hebden bridge, where I met Ollie and found out that I love beer. From there I moved over to Voco HBD and became the GM, I absolutely loved this job, and the people but after helping to fill a void in the Brewery whilst lockdown was in place, I found that I could be more creative in my new role and I just couldn't say no.

So what does your role involve and what does a typical day look like for you?
I do lots of bits - Predominantly I run the web-shop, I have a small but wonderful team that help me bring it all together, from launching products to packaging and processing the orders, and getting them to all of our lovely customers in what sometimes feels like record time. I also partake in the odd can design or a random bar shift if I'm feeling nostalgic 😂 - can't wait for events to kick off again!

Tell us a bit about you - what do you enjoy doing in your spare time/hobbies, what do you do when you're not working?
​I really enjoy sign painting and being creative in general. I also love traveling and trying new things, be it food/wine/beer (obviously). 

When / How did you discover Vocation? 
​In The Old Gate, I specifically remember we served it on cask and John (our founder) came in and had I no idea who he was. I (no doubt) badly told him all about his own beer. He was really nice and just said thank you, wasn't till another member of staff told me he was the owner/creator of hop happiness ha.

What's your favourite Vocation beer?
​Ooooh, we've done so many, in all different styles! But, I think the one I drink most is Bread & Butter on cask. 

What’s your favourite beer from any brewery? 
​Again, tough to narrow it down. Sharks, Glue, Burning Sky Peche, OH Broccoli, Fou'Foune or a cheeky Plumb Porter on cask at Christmas to name a few?

Give me a random fact or a joke. ​
Joke - A book fell on my head the other day... I've only got my-shelf to blame 😂 (Sorry!) 
OR Fact - I learnt to powerlift to be able to comfortably take 20-40 barrels down the stairs on a Monday morning.

Favourite pub/bar to go to in the UK? ​
Katie! This is hard, in the Uk, Being a Manc Lass I do love Oyster Bar or Crazy Pedro's (the one at Affleck's). 

And lastly, what is your favourite thing about your job? ​
The fact that things are changing constantly and expanding, the prospect of development and being a part of the growth is pretty awesome. Working with beer is pretty cool too! 

Now you know a bit more about Leanne, you can put a face to the email or phone call and be safe in the knowledge that your online orders are in good hands. 

With that said, it's time for another pint.