Simply stating that Gary, our innovation brewer, is a big Neck Deep fan would be a huge understatement. So, It's only right that a beer like this was born due to a mutual love of music and beer.

Gary stated 'It all started out during lockdown, (I can’t remember which specifically, as there were so many of them!). Neck Deep were running online live streams, and during a Q&A the band were asked what career path they'd take if they weren't musicians. Their answer was to brew beer. My brother, Daniel, was watching and mentioned his connection to Vocation Brewery. He asked if the band would be interested in trying to arrange something with me and this was met with unanimous enthusiasm!'

Distorted Intensions 5.2% - An initial wave of tangerine and orange tells stories of Summer, with notes of peach and lemon. Refreshingly tart and subtly sweet, intentionally distorting the senses.


'After an acoustic show in Brudenell, Leeds, Daniel and I met up with the band and discussed all things music and beer! What they liked to drink, what they would like to brew etc. A few ideas bounced around the room, but ultimately, we decided that the natural beer to make would have to involve tangerines. 

Settling on a date was the hardest part, with the band heading out on a number of tours in the early part of the year, as well as their own personal commitments, it almost felt like we weren’t going to be able to make it happen, but in the end, Neck Deep managed to make the journey up the hill on one sunny Saturday morning. The initial enthusiasm they showed 12 months ago was matched throughout the entire brew day, learning how to brew a beer and getting involved in every aspect of the brewing.' 

Much like Neck Deep, Distorted Intensions will be making an appearance at Slamdunk Festival 2022 from the 3rd-4th of June. Make sure to try this incredible tangerine pale alongside some amazing music. Fear not, if you can't make it to Slamdunk this year, it's available on our webshop.